Improved mobile gaming with Apple’s iOS 9

Posted on 17/07/2015 in Technology and tagged apple , ios9 , ipad , iphone , slots

Apple has announced the update of the mobile operating system on their devices to iOS 9, scheduled to be released in September. With these news we can see that playing on iPhone or iPad will be a better experience than ever.

When working on desktop we normally have different applications running and we can switch between them easily. This functionality is something that have been lacking on iOS devices because we are using one app at a time. And even though they added the possibility to double click on the home button to see all the apps that were running in the background and switch from one to another, still was not really multitasking as due to the memory capacity many times the apps will just launch from the beginning and you couldn’t continue where you left of. But most importantly, you couldn’t use them or see them on the screen at the same time. That’s why among the new and enhanced features of the operating system, it has grabbed our attention the multitasking option. This cool new feature will allow you to run two apps at the same time, switch between them and even view them together on the same window with the “Split View”.

The way it will impact in gaming is that mobile casino fans will be able to play two different games even from different casinos at the same time or do something else like browsing the internet or checking emails while spinning some slots. Or for example, you’ll be able to minimize a video in the corner and continue using another app on the rest of the screen. This will be a whole new experience that specially iPad users will enjoy on their larger screen.

The new app switcher feature looks very similar to the one used on the Mac, and it makes use of multitouch gestures as well. In addition, it will be possible to record game play sessions, edit the videos within the app and even share it online.

Now we just need to see which current models will support all the new functionality. “Split View” in particular might be available only on the latest iOS devices but this is definitely an improvement and a huge benefit for the new devices to come.

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